About Adams & Ball

Every man should have a personal rapport with his tailor, just as he does with his barber, bartender, and parole officer. Secret Empire’s mission is to help each client realize his own sartorial vision. We don’t tell you how to dress – we guide you through the process of designing your own suit: advising, explaining, and getting you a bit drunk along the way. We’ll help you look impeccable in any eventuality, so even if you’re getting married, buried or hauled in front of a judge you’ll look your best as you bid farewell to your bachelorhood, mortal body, or ill-gotten gains, respectively.

Secret Empire is the custom menswear division of Adams & Ball, an Anglo-Yankee concern founded by Mr. Nathaniel “Natty” Adams, author of I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman , and Dr. Lee-Jon Ball, author of NMR structure determination and calcium binding effects of lipopeptide antibiotic daptomycin . Combining years of experience with artistic and scientific approaches to design and production, Adams & Ball oversee a growing cadre of agents in London & New York while devoting personal attention to every client of the Empire.