Secret Empire

Twisted classics

Secret Empire was born out of a love for classic menswear styles, but updated for the modern gentleman. We’ve dressed rock stars, bankers, gangsters and lovers. Each wanting something unique, classic and a desire to stand above the crowd.

Made to order

Work with one of our consultants to choose a range of styles, luxury fabrics and detailing to commission something uniquely made for you. Our consultants help create that unique piece for a special occasion, a whole wardrobe for everyday wear, or somewhere in between.

To fit your needs

Secret Empire tailor custom suits, overcoats and shirts from thousands of fabrics all chosen by our founders Natty Adams and Lee-Jon Ball. Our suits have met presidents, confirmed love to significant others, and had many cocktails cleaned out of them.

Our custom suits start at £1000, overcoats at £750 and shirts £140. A small price to pay for something that is designed by you and fits you, and sits in pride of place in your wardrobe. With so many of our club only wearing Secret Empire, we hope to convert you too.

To book an appointment in either New York or London, drop an email to us here or fill in the form here.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring again

"To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with the spring"

- George Santayana

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